Rabo Partnerships's mission is to improve financial inclusion in emerging markets, especially in rural areas where many people don’t have access to financial services. Since 2005, Rabo Partnerships has built up a portfolio of partnerships with banks in selected markets. Through capital, management services and technical assistance, RD has supported the partner banks in their growth, innovation and outreach.

Rabo Partnerships came up with a new Impact Report showing financial inclusion-related data: the achievements of the partner banks in terms of customers, financial products and channels. We also explain Rabo Partnerships’s unique business model and how it provides support to these banks, all within the heart of Rabobank’s strategy: Banking For Food.

The report shows that the 9 partner banks together provided financial services to 7.3 million customers at the end of 2016 amounting to USD 14.5 billion deposits and USD 14.2 billion credit. 50 percent of this total credit portfolio is related to the Food & Agri value chain.

Download the Impact Report here.