Circular Business Challenge

Circular business requires entrepreneurs to develop a new way of thinking, looking beyond the boundaries of their own businesses and cooperating with others. This creates new ideas and business models. The Circular Business Challenge (previously Circular Economy Challenge) is a regional initiative to help entrepreneurs develop into circular entrepreneurs.

We have been organising the Circular Business Challenge for businesses with circular ambitions since 2014. The goal of the Circular Business Challenge is to map circular opportunities for regions and for individual businesses, bringing entrepreneurs together to think of new ideas and solutions to realise their circular ambitions. The Circular Business Challenge consists of a region scan, company scan, various workshops and of designing a circular action plan. By now, over different 50 businesses have participated.

Partnership with CSR Netherlands and KPMG

To make the Circular Business Challenge as effective as possible, we partnered up with CSR Netherlands and KPMG in 2017. CSR Netherlands deploys its network, knowledge and active matchmaking capabilities to guide entrepreneurs during the challenges. KPMG was involved to worked on the analyses performed in the context of the region and company scans.

Added value for entrepreneurs

The reactions of the participants have shown that the Circular Business Challenge has considerable added value for entrepreneurs. It encourages them to get going with circular business, provides them with access to new circular networks and makes various businesses into important role models for their regions. The challenges also inspire entrepreneurs to form new alliances and circular solutions, because of the cross-sector discussions facilitated by the dialogue sessions. Businesses participate in the Circular Business Challenge through our local branches.

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