Energy Transition

Everyone needs energy, but the current global energy system strongly impacts the planet, contributing to climate change and nature loss. That's why Rabobank invests in new ways of generation and consumption of energy.

Sustainable energy

For over 20 years we have been financing renewable energy and we will further increase our efforts to avoid and reduce emissions in sectors where we have a significant position: energy generation and infrastructure, industries, commercial and residential estate, and transport.

Rabobank and the energy transition in 2023


Global lender clean energy

EUR 2,613 million

Loans provided in renewable energy

EUR 50 million

Investments in energy transition by Rabo Investments

Our commitment

We are committed to contribute to a future-proof energy system. A system that will strongly revolve around energy saving and using low or no carbon instead of fossil sources: from energy companies to small enterprises, from multinationals to farms or family homes. Green energy should become affordable, available and accessible.

To finance the transition, we expect to grow our energy transition related assets by EUR 30 billion by 2030 and to recruit and/or reskill 150 extra FTE dedicated to accelerate the transition until 2030.

An illustration of the Eiffel tower beign circled by a green and an orange leaf

Our goals

We will manage our fossil fuels portfolio in line with the Net-Zero Emissions scenarios of the IEA Net-Zero by 2050 scenario (NZE):

    From 2023, we will gradually reduce the combined volume of traded oil and gas we finance. By 2030, this combined volume will be 20% lower than in 2022; Within this reduced combined volume, the volume of traded gas will grow by 20% (v.s. 2022) in recognition of the role that gas can play as a transition fuel towards 2030. This means that we will reduce the volume of traded oil we finance by more than the NZE scenario dictates.
Find out more in Our Road to Paris report
 Man and woman with a windmill in the background


We need to support our customers on their journey from here to greener and support them not only with our knowledge but also with our network. This means our network of customers, partners, but also our presence in multiple networks like e.g. the Wind energy Council.


In order to help our stakeholders navigate the challenges and opportunities in this crucial transition, the Energy Transition Analyst team at RaboResearch offers expertise and publishes leading insights on a broad range of topics. These range from clean tech equipment, renewable energy and electrification to carbon trading, hydrogen, and circular business models, amongst others.