Innovation at Rabobank


Innovation is a broad concept. Of course we continuously improve our service, for example by improving our app and website. Besides that we cooperate with clients, members, employees and partners on creating sustainable solutions for the big and smaller challenges in our society. By doing so, we look ahead; what will our role as a bank be in the future? How can we, for instance, add value in five years from now? For this search for new business models we collaborate with our in-house Strategy & Innovation Hub.

Innovating by doing

We believe that the best way to innovate is by doing and learning from it. We have all the resources we need to research opportunities, validate and convert them into new business models for our business lines Private Clients, Business Banking, Wholesale & Rural and De Lage Landen. We make sure that the innovations well reflect our strategic priorities as a bank. This means we invest in innovation of the transitions we focus on: financial wellbeing, sustainable growth, sustainable living and sustainable food.

Our way of working

The Innovation Board decides what the strategic innovation priorities are for Rabobank. They are assisted by our portfolio managers. Our innovation consultants help our business lines to decide the strategic course for digitalization and innovation. To accelerate innovation within Rabobank, we use our in-house innovation studio Innovation Factory. They support with advice, coaching, design & development to bring initiatives via internal Lean StartUp teams through the funnel.

By pioneering in new technology, we want to inspire our employees, members, clients and partners and continue to research new opportunities. Because we value our employees having the right innovation skills, -knowledge and –mindset, we offer trainings on diverse subjects. 

Want to know more about what the Innovation Factory does? Read the blog of our Lead Innovation Factory Gert Hans Berghuis (blog in Dutch).

New technologies

Just how the mobile phone, the Internet and social media changed our society disruptively, there are new technologies on the horizon that might make a huge impact on our daily life. Think about blockchain technology, nascent quantum computers or privacy-enabling innovations. These technologies can facilitate us to live and work more happy, with greater tools and better possibilities.

Rabobank’s Tech Lab identifies these emerging technologies and performs research and experimentation, based on four pillars: Trendwatching, Research, the Lab, where we perform our research, and Support & Advice.

We will happily engage with you on these 4 pillars. We can inspire you and discuss the latest technologies - have you seen our latest Tech Trend Report? -  and brainstorm together what impact they would have on the bank. And even better; what can we do right know to accelerate this impact? You can join or research groups or receive our insights on for example Libra or Smart Farming opportunities. Please use us also for a 'tech consult' on existing or new projects such as our blockchain trade finance platforms and Komgo, or discuss the timelines of quantum computers.

For these questions and more, please get in touch with

Innovating together

We believe that innovation is best done together. Here you see our cooperative roots again. As a cooperative bank we are always searching for partners to work on solutions that are good for you & for the world around you. There are several options for collaboration:

Next to our partnerships in the start-up ecosystem, like TNW, Innoleaps, YesDelft!, StartUp Bootcamp and many others, we regularly partner with start-ups with the same mission: Growing A Better World Together, for our clients & the world around us. Do you think you can achieve more by working together with us? Please contact Max Kranendijk, Lead Open Innovation. 

Working at Rabobank
We are always looking for new innovative colleagues in several fields of expertise. If you are an experienced freelance Start-up Coach, Designer, Growth Hacker, Validation Expert or Experiment Expert, we would also like to get in touch with you. Have a look at our jobs site or contact, Marloes Boegheim, Resource Manager.


We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win... ” 

- President John F. Kennedy, 1962

Our Moonshot program focuses on generating new ideas for our innovation funnel. In 2015 Rabobank launched the first Moonshot program, giving employees the opportunity to convert their innovative ideas into new business models or solutions, fitting the ambitions of Rabobank. This quest for groundbreaking ideas resulted in several successful ventures, like Peaks, SurePay,Tellow, mOOvement and TreasurUp.