Rabobank praised as most innovative traditional bank

Classic and groundbreaking at the same time

Rabobank was the winner of the Dutch FinTech Awards 2017 in the ‘Incumbent Banks’ category, leaving behind competitors ING and Van Lanschot. The nominees were selected by experts, stakeholders and investors in the FinTech industry. On Friday, 21 April, a 5-member judging panel unanimously voted for Rabobank as the most innovative incumbent bank currently in operation.

The awards for the most innovative companies in the financial sector were presented on Friday at the offices of Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht, with a total of seven awards being handed out in the various categories. More than 200 startups and companies competed for the awards this year. The eighteen strongest participants were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas on Friday to a judging panel of investors, bankers and innovation managers from the financial world. Members of the audience were also able to vote ‘live’. The overall winner of the night was investment broker BUX.

Welcome recognition

Bart Leurs, Head of FinTech & Innovation, is proud of the award: ‘It gives Rabobank the recognition that we, as a “traditional” bank, are able to keep up with a rapidly changing world and stay on top of innovations. Our organisation is currently undergoing a major transformation, which includes adapting to the digitalisation trend, streamlining and upgrading products and services, validating new services and helping customers to set up innovative businesses. But we have begun establishing our own startups as well. This award is a very welcome recognition of all the work we have accomplished together with our employees and partners over the past few years.’

Innovation is a team sport

Innovation has been a strategic focus at Rabobank for some time. The bank’s recently updated innovation strategy will pave the way for more innovative projects initiated by the bank itself, while Rabobank will also be making some bold decisions in its quest to become a fast-learning organisation. Leurs: ‘This award proves that we are on the right track, and what we need to do now is keep the momentum going. The F&I department is coming along very well and will be playing a vital role in this whole process. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that this needs to be a group effort, with input from the entire organisation. Innovation, after all, is a team sport.’