Rabobank has several ventures: independent companies that are part of the bank and help us to better focus on customers. These ventures operate in various markets and contribute to the bank’s strategy – Banking for Food and Banking for the Netherlands. At Money 20/20 the below ventures are present at our booth.


Peaks is a simple and beautifully designed Dutch app that makes it possible for everybody to set aside small amounts of money regularly and automatically invest in a portfolio of sustainable ETFs. Peaks was founded with the idea that it should be possible for everyone to feel financially free. Not just for people who follow the stock market or read The Financial Times. No, at Peaks we believe that anyone who has a bank account, some money and a bit of patience can invest.

Read more is a shared platform based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) that aims at making domestic and cross-border commerce easier, safer and more efficient for companies. This new product will simplify trade finance processes for companies by addressing the challenge of managing, tracking and securing domestic and international trade transactions. Companies can easily and efficiently trade with more trust.

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SurePay makes online payments easier, more personal and more secure through with its Account Name Verification service. The service delivers the end users with instant feedback at a pre-payment stage on the correctness of entered beneficiary details when making a transfer online. That way, end-users are prompted with a notification should entered beneficiary details deviate from those known at the bank of registry. This helps to prevent and tackle fraud and mistakes.

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mOOvement is a track, trace and sensor system for cattle producers which turns the gathered data into valuable insights for farmers and the wider Food&Agri chain. The agri data is used to provide more effective and flexible loan to farmers.

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Rabo eBusiness

Rabo eBusiness supports business customers in designing their online services more conveniently, reliably and cost-effectively and helps them to improve their online conversion rates (i.e. the percentage of customers who actually proceed with a transaction). Rabo eBusiness provides a variety of login, identification, signing and archiving solutions. The platform can be easily integrated into existing business processes.

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