How does Rabobank support start-ups?

Aware that innovations and start-ups are key economic drivers, Rabobank aims to support innovative new businesses by providing the best financial products and services, finding appropriate funding, and sharing knowhow and contacts from our extensive network. We also focus on in-house innovation by providing our own products and services that are tailored to the latest changes in society and the latest trends and developments in technology and the economy.

1. Use our network

At more than 70 locations across the Netherlands, Rabobank is working together with accelerators, incubators and funds – organisations that help start-ups to grow and develop. We contribute both financially and by sharing the network and knowhow of our employees, who might take on the role of mentor to young entrepreneurs.

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2. Choose the type of funding that’s right for you

As the number-one financial partner to start-ups in the Netherlands, we provide innovative solutions related to payments, insurance and loans.
We open up our network, allowing start-ups to connect with investors.

We also come up with solutions for alternative types of funding and combining these various types, including crowdfunding, private equity and government guarantees. We organise initiatives to connect entrepreneurs with high-net-worth individuals, including Rabo & Co and Money Meets Ideas. We help new businesses organise their finances, so they can focus on what really matters: building their business.

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> Funding opportunities for start-ups
> Customised tips on starting your own business
3. Let Rabobank be your innovation partner

You can achieve more together than alone – and this is certainly true in the world of innovation. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve its products and services, Rabobank is always looking to team up with innovative start-ups in order to exchange ideas and come up with new and better solutions. This includes tech innovations such as blockchain, identification technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as innovative earning models and business processes.

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Startup initiatives

Below is a complete list of all our current initiatives.

  • Rabobank Innovation Fund
    Dedicated to financially supporting startups during the pre-seed stage.
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  • IkGaStarten
    Helping to get new businesses off to flying start.
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  • Startup Now
    Various events designed to inspire you and provide valuable support as you launch your new business.
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  • Teckle
    The leading growth and innovation desk, involved in helping startups, scaleups and fast growers to take the leap to the next level.
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  • Rabo Ondernemers Academie (Entrepreneurs Academy)
    Hands-on training courses for ambitious entrepreneurs.
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  • Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award
    Encouraging entrepreneurs to get involved in innovative solutions that truly make a difference.
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  • Money Meets Ideas
    Rabobank’s premier investing platform, which hosts meetings where informal investors can rub shoulders with entrepreneurs.
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