Pilot project income test at housing corporation successfully applicable

Rabobank's Blockchain Lab researches self-sovereign identity structurally. Together with the innovation team Particulieren, they developed a first successful proof of concept: Identity Wallet. The underlying technology of this Wallet is suitable for multiple applications. Is this applicable in your business area? Read how you can improve processes for your business customers and the privacy of consumers with this innovation.

Consumer manages private data: privacy by design

The Identity Wallet is a blockchain solution, that works as a digital safe. The consumer saves data directly from the source (for example Tax Authorities or DUO). The customer directs his own data by simply and securely sharing it with only those he selects. The unnecessary sharing of non-relevant personal data is therefore a thing of the past. We call this "privacy by design".

Privacy Awards: confirmation of correct choices when handling data

On the European Day of Privacy, the annual Dutch Privacy Awards were presented during the National Privacy Conference of ECP and Privacy First. On behalf of Rabobank, we were able to demonstrate that we distinguish ourselves positively in the area of privacy and make privacy-friendly business and innovation the norm. That is why we are proud that the Identity Wallet was nominated for the Privacy Awards.

David Lamers, blockchain specialist at DTO: "The application for the income test for future tenants is only a first use. We are working on more cases, like in the mortgage process, when renting a car and demonstrating specific diplomas. We believe it is important that the user is in control of what information he shares with whom and that this is done in a secure manner. For us, the external acknowledgement is an encouragement to further develop this application and a confirmation that we are making the right choice when dealing with data."

Participate in this innovation?

Do you see chances for Identity Wallet technology in your own business area? Please contact Jos van der Helm (Innovation Team Particulieren) or David Lamers (Blockchain Lab DTO).