Rabobank is a socially-responsible bank. We are committed to making a substantial contribution towards achieving wealth and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the food issue worldwide. We focus on strengthening our customers and their communities in order to achieve these objectives.

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Mission & Strategy

Nearby the customer

Our ambition is to be the most customer-oriented bank in the Netherlands and the leading Food & Agri bank worldwide – the nearby bank. Rabobank is committed to making the difference as a leading, cooperative, customer-oriented bank locally through Banking for the Netherlands and worldwide through Banking for Food. In doing so we opt for excellent customer focus and aim for a '9+ customer experience'. Through our local Rabobanks we are moving more nearby our customers in every way: physically (through customer meetings and networks), virtually (through apps and websites) and mentally (through involvement). In achieving this, the local Rabobanks will be able to rely 100% on the support of an extremely well-organised banking business in which innovation, fast procedures and ready-to-use knowledge will ensure there is once again ample room for our cooperative customer service.

Banking for the Netherlands

Rabobank feels a strong connection with her customers and members and consequently also with the future of the Netherlands. We prosper when our customers prosper. We can distinguish ourselves as a cooperative bank by making a targeted contribution to meeting the challenges the Netherlands will face in the years ahead. This constitutes an investment in sustainable welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands. We strengthen the Netherlands of the future through Banking for the Netherlands.

We approach this from three angles. We strengthen the Netherlands' earning capacity, the life courses of its households and the living environment of its local communities. Based on our local presence, at the heart of society, we are uniquely able to address relevant topics on the local and regional agenda. Our presence at the core of the local society, our financial capacities, our network and our knowledge make us better placed than anyone to contribute to the Netherlands of tomorrow.

Banking for Food

The Netherlands is leading in the food and agri sector. Stemming from its agricultural roots, Rabobank has contributed to securing this position for the Netherlands and also wants to make a relevant and sustainable contribution to the global Food & Agri sector in the future. The related aim is to increase the availability of food, improve the access to food, promote healthy nutrition and enhance the stability of the food industry.

Through Banking for Food we want to play a prominent role in the social debate concerning the wider food issue and in doing so connect producers, consumers, farmers and the public with each other. As the unrivalled market leader in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands, Banking for the Netherlands and Banking for Food are closely interconnected. Rabobank's roots are formed by our vast knowledge and extensive networks in the leading Dutch Food & Agri sector.

Stronger balance sheet, better performance

In addition to the strong focus on customers, we will strengthen our balance sheet so we can face the future as a rock-solid sound bank. This is how we will bring about a fundamental improvement in performance that is necessary in order to ensure fulfilment of our ambition.

Rabobank must be rock-solid on all fronts within a context of low interest rates, limited prospects for economic growth in the Netherlands, international growth opportunities in Rural Banking, pressure on margins and balance sheet limitation and flexibility. We will optimise the performance for Rabobank in its entirety by further reducing costs and increasing income.

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