General Members Council

The General Members Council (GMC) is the highest body within Rabobank. The members are represented on the GMC by the chairs of the local Supervisory Boards. The GMC has approximately 100 members and meets four times a year. The GMC is a ‘pure’ members body as it is comprised solely of directly elected member representatives. Within its broad focus, the GMC concentrates on the activities conducted within the joint cooperative, local Rabobanks and partially or wholly-owned subsidiaries both in the Netherlands and internationally. The GMC fulfils the role of owner on behalf of the 1.9 million members.

The GMC examines the strategy and identity, budget and results of the entire Rabobank organisation. It furthermore ensures on the members’ behalf that Rabobank’s role in society is noticeable, tangible and visible and that it fulfils its cooperative identity. In addition, the GMC monitors Rabobank’s continuity and serves as the guardian of its collective values on behalf of the members.

Accountability is rendered within the GMC for the execution of the strategy by the Managing Board and the supervision thereof by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board is appointed by the GMC and its chairman serves as the chair of the General Members Council. GMC members have a strong connection and bond with the members. They gain insights for this purpose from sources including the local members councils in advance and render accountability for their decision-making and own stances afterwards.