Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the Executive Board’s policy and general developments at Rabobank and its affiliated entities. It is furthermore responsible for supervising compliance with the law, the Articles of Association and other relevant rules and regulations.

In practice this means the Supervisory Board regularly discusses and assesses both the achievement of the group objectives and the strategy, business risks, the structure and operation of the internal risk management and control systems, the financial reporting process and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Special attention is devoted to risk management within the context of the supervisory activities. The Supervisory Board fulfils its role based on the broad perspective of the continuity of Rabobank and its affiliated entities. It assesses whether the interests of all Rabobank's stakeholders, including customers and employees, and the related affiliated entities are sufficiently taken into account.

The General Members Council appoints, on the nomination of the Supervisory Board, the members of the Supervisory Board. The independence of the individual members is a key consideration with respect to nominations and appointments. Any semblance of a conflict of interest must be avoided. The level of integrity, expertise and availability the Supervisory Board requires of all its members is stated in the profile.