Rabobank is active in the Netherlands and many other countries worldwide. As a socially responsible bank, we are committed to contributing to welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and to solving the global food issue.

We serve more than 6.7 million retail and 800,000 business customers in the Netherlands with a comprehensive range of financial products and services. We are also active internationally as a financial services provider in the Food & Agri sector. Rabobank is active in forty countries worldwide and serves approximately 10 million customers.

We are a cooperative with members rather than shareholders. Customers can demonstrate their involvement with the bank by becoming members. Nearly two million customers are currently members of Rabobank. They have a voice in deciding the bank's course.

Managing Board

The Managing Board is responsible for defining and achieving the business objectives, the strategy and the profit performance.

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Rabobank is a cooperative bank. There are more than a hundred local Rabobanks in the Netherlands, which each operate with a high degree of independence.

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Rabobank carries multiple financial brands in different markets and countries. These brands are complementary and strengthen our proposition to customers.

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Key documents

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the Executive Board’s policy and general developments at Rabobank and its affiliated entities.

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General Members Council

The General Members Council is the highest body within our cooperative. The members are represented in the General Members Council by the Chairman of the local Supervisory Board.

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Local Rabobanks

The local Rabobanks form the core of the cooperative. They are positioned nearby their customers and are strongly rooted in their own markets.

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Affiliated companies

In addition to national and international subsidiaries, Rabobank holds minority stakes in various companies.

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