Rabobank carries multiple financial brands in different markets and countries. These brands are complementary and strengthen our proposition to customers. This helps achieve the desired customer value.

ACC Loan Management Limited

ACC Loan Management Limited was formerly known as ACCBank plc. This bank gave up its banking license in 2014, stopped providing standard banking products such as current and savings accounts and was renamed ACC Loan Management Limited. The company now focuses on managing the credit facilities of existing customers. While it continues to be an entity that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, it has received an alternative status that is no longer equal to that of a bank.

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DLL vendor lease

DLL is Rabobank’s vendor leasing subsidiary. It provides flexible products in the field of asset financing worldwide to facilitate manufacturers’ and distributors’ sales in 35 countries. DLL is distinctive in a competitive market environment through its innovative financing programmes. In the Netherlands it provides a wide range of lease and trade financing products that are marketed either directly or through the local Rabobanks.

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Obvion is a subsidiary of Rabobank and provides mortgages and related financial products such as guarantees and bridge credit facilities. It focuses exclusively on the working relationship with independent brokers. Obvion has approximately 350 FTEs.

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Rabo Real Estate Group

Rabo Real Estate Group consists of the division Bouwfonds Investment Management (Bouwfonds IM) and a small Financial Holding. Bouwfonds IM is the real asset investment management division of Rabo Real Estate Group and offers distinctive investment products for institutional and private clients in selected real estate and infrastructure. Rabo Real Estate Group is part of Rabobank Group, with approximately 250 FTE.

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BPD, Bouwfonds Property Development, is a European area developer. Since its founding in 1946, then under the name of Bouwspaarkas Drentsche Gemeenten, BPD has made the construction of nearly 330,000 homes possible. Today more than one million Europeans live in residential areas, in which the hand of BPD is visible. BPD has 30 regional offices in Europe and is market leader in the Netherlands. In Germany, BPD Immobilienentwicklung is in the top 3 of residential developers. In France BPD is in the top 7, under the name BPD Marignan.

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