Rabobank issues EUR 500 million Green Bond

Proceeds invested in renewable solar and wind energy projects

Rabobank has successfully issued its first EUR 500 million Rabobank Green Bond to institutional investors. The proceeds are invested in renewable solar and wind energy projects. The maturity of the Rabobank Green Bond is 5 years.

The Rabobank Green Bond meets the increased demand from pension funds and other investors, who demonstrate a lot of interest in sustainable investments. The market for Green Bonds is growing very strongly. By investing in this Rabobank Green Bond investors contribute to the financing of the transition to a more sustainable energy supply.

Bas Brouwers, Chief Financial Officer: “The benefits are twofold. This issue is a nice addition to our broad spectrum of funding instruments. It allows us to reach new investors that feel connected to the sustainable profile of our bank. In addition, this transaction contributes to the bank’s sustainability objectives.”

Rabobank wants to double its sustainable lending in the coming years. Rabobank currently has EUR 22 billion in loans outstanding to “sustainable leaders”, of which EUR 3.2 billion in solar and wind energy projects.

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