Call notification NZD 900mn Capital Securities

Redemption Notice NZD 900,000,000 Perpetual Non-Cumulative Capital Securities

ISIN: NZRBOD0001S0, NZDX ticker code RBOHA
Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. (“Rabobank Nederland”) issued the Capital Securities on 8 October 2007. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Capital Securities, Rabobank Nederland may elect to redeem the Capital Securities on the First Call Date, being 8 October 2017, subject to certain conditions, one of which is the approval of the Dutch Central Bank, which for the purposes of the Terms is now the European Central Bank. Rabobank Nederland confirms that it has obtained the approval of the European Central Bank to the redemption of the Capital Securities on the First Call Date. 
Accordingly, notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Condition 8(c) of the Terms, Rabobank Nederland has elected to redeem all of the Capital Securities. As the First Call Date is not a Business Day, the redemption of the Capital Securities will occur on 9 October 2017 (the first Business Day after the First Call Date). 
The last date for trading of the Capital Securities on the NZDX Debt Market will be 27 September 2017. The Record Date for the redemption will be 29 September 2017. Delisting of the Capital Securities is expected to take place on 9 October 2017, and Computershare is expected to make payments to investors on or around 9 October 2017.


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