Rabobank: EUR 1,698 million net profit in first half 2018

Progress on all strategic priorities

  • Upward trend in customer satisfaction for 3rd consecutive year.
  • Rabobank was named Industry Leader by Sustainalytics and was the highest scoring major Dutch bank in the latest Sustainable Brand Index.
  • Net profit EUR 1,698 million (+12%).
  • Negative impairment charges thanks to favorable economic developments and careful credit management.
  • Solid capital position: fully loaded common equity tier 1 ratio up from 15.5% to 15.8%.

In the first half of 2018 Rabobank posted a net profit of EUR 1,698 million, 12% more than in the first half of 2017. This result was underpinned by favorable economic conditions, which contributed to a net release in impairment charges. Income remained more or less stable and costs fell causing the cost/income ratio to improve. The private sector loan portfolio and the deposits from customers increased. Underlying profit before tax, adjusted for the impact of restructuring costs and fair value items, came out 2% higher. Rabobank's capital base is strong: the fully loaded common equity tier 1 ratio rose once again and now stands at 15.8%. The return on invested capital was 8.8%, exceeding the targeted 8.0% (1H 2017: 7.8%).

Chairman of the Managing Board Wiebe Draijer:

“We are on track with the implementation of our Strategic Framework for 2016-2020. We have achieved our goals in many areas. In line with our ambitions, we have improved our customer service and financial performance. We are dedicating great vigor to putting our mission of ‘Growing a better world together’ into practice. We want to ensure that we can build on this momentum in the coming years in a rapidly changing environment. Our employees are center stage in this process. They are the ones making our bank’s transition a reality, and we are deeply grateful for their efforts, especially given the scope and number of changes on the agenda within our organization this year.”

“Once again we have concentrated our efforts on improving our customer focus and making our cooperative bank more robust. Innovation and sustainability are our top priorities. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, our awareness-raising campaigns have focused on social issues like good financial health, the importance of growth for entrepreneurs, and reducing food waste. In addition, we invested great effort in improving sustainability throughout the food chain. Customers are rewarding our efforts with higher customer satisfaction scores, which is a great compliment for our employees.”

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