Rabo Capital Securities Limited to redeem securities

Rabo Capital Securities Limited (RCSL) announces that it will exercise its right to fully redeem its perpetual non-cumulative non-voting capital securities (PIE Capital Securities), NZDX ticker code RCSHA / ISIN NZRCSEP001C3. RCSL issued the PIE Capital Securities pursuant to a prospectus dated 17 April 2009, and their First Call Date is 18 June 2019. RCSL will redeem the PIE Capital Securities on the First Call Date.

Holders of the PIE Capital Securities at the record date (8 June 2019) will be entitled to receive the face value (NZD 1.00) of each PIE Capital Security held, together with any required dividends that may be payable in accordance with the terms and conditions of the PIE Capital Securities.

The last day for trading of the PIE Capital Securities on the NZX Debt Market will be 31 May 2019. Delisting of the PIE Capital Securities, and of RCSL, is expected to take place on 18 June 2019.

RCSL will be communicating with all holders of the PIE Capital Securities to notify them of this decision – a template letter is available on the website of the New Zealand Exchange.


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