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In managing a business, locally or internationally, information and timing are among the main ingredients for success. To support your ambitions, Rabo Corporate Connect enables you to get an insight into your financial position and the relevant market information.

With Rabo Corporate Connect, you can monitor your transactions, learn about new opportunities or how to mitigate certain risks. You can access this information quickly via a secured environment.

Complete overview

On Rabo Corporate Connect, you will get a personal dashboard with an overview of your products and data. This includes details on your accounts and risk products, as well as access to research, exchange rates, and sector information. All tailored to your personal needs and situation.

Adjustable to your needs

You can adjust the dashboard by selecting the components that help you to meet your financial needs or objectives. Whether it is finding your bank’s contact details, compiling market research for strategic planning, or following individual stock exchange rates, this information is available on Rabo Corporate Connect.

More about the benefits of Rabo Corporate Connect

Benefit from our online services

On Rabo Corporate Connect you will be able to effectively monitor and execute domestic and international financial transactions. Our online services offer you multiple advantages:

Manage your currency risks and liquidity online

With the online tools, you can manage currency risks and liquidity online. The Rabo Position Overview provides you with full information on all your current transactions and transaction details, giving you multiple advantages.

Online overview and control of your cash management position

Our Cash Management feature provides an online overview, enabling you to have better control over your accounts and cash flow. You can initiate and authorise domestic and international orders and monitor balances, both including and excluding intraday movements. Our cash management solution can also be seamlessly integrated with your financial administration, accompanied by extensive reporting capabilities. You can also adjust authorisation levels per account and per user.

Rabo Trade Access

Rabo Trade Access enables you to monitor your trade transactions. You can open and change Letters of Credit (L/Cs), Export Collections and Bank Guarantees. You can immediately see which export L/Cs are advised by Rabobank, and when and how much the importer has paid. Moreover, you can accept and pay Import Collections.

Rabo Supplier Finance Platform

Rabo Supplier Finance offers a fully automated web platform with no manual document handling. The platform can be directly connected to the ERP system of the buyer, reducing the administrative burden usually needed in international trade. This gives full transparency to all parties involved regarding invoice and payment status. It also helps the supplier in their cash flow planning, as it is the supplier who can determine which invoice will be paid and when.


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