Formats, documentation and downloads

This page provides you with the descriptions of all supported import and export formats of Rabobank, including the test service, and other available (legal) documentation.


Please find all supported import and export formats below. Payments preceded by an asterisk (*) are available for import and export testing. For CT-XML only testing with Euro Payments is available.

Transaction codes

Transaction codes

Sample files

Sample files

Access to Rabobank derivatives information in RBB

Instructions Client Reporting

Legal documentation

The Terms and Conditions for Online Banking Services contain the arrangements applicable to the Agreement. The Terms and Conditions apply to both Rabobank and the client. The Framework Agreement on Online Services is based on the Terms and Conditions.

Local annexes

Some countries have additional annexes in place to comply with local legislation, on top of the standard Terms and Conditions. These countries are:

Please contact the bank's local contact person if you require these annexes.