Rabo Corporate Connect becomes Rabo Business Banking

What is Rabo Business Banking?

Rabo Business Banking is the successor to Rabo Corporate Connect and Rabo Internet Banking (Professional) for all business clients. It is our response to the growing client need for greater uniformity, enhanced ease of use and a recognizable design. Rabo Business Banking provides a single business portal with access to all products, 100% digital service provision and support for both Dutch and English-speaking clients.

Rabo Corporate Connect will continue to be available until July first. As of June 2nd you will be directed automatically to Rabo Business Banking after login. From Rabo Business Banking you are able to access Rabo Corporate Connect.

What options does RBB offer?

RBB provides you with more insight into your financial position, market information and sector-specific knowledge. With RBB you can easily access all your online banking products and services in one secure logged-in environment, making banking a lot easier.

RBB includes:

  • A portal with a single entry point where all products and services are available.
  • All the products and services that are also available on RCC, in a new design.
  • All functions fully available in both Dutch and English.

If you would like more information about Rabo Business Banking, please contact your Rabobank.

FAQ items

What is Rabo Business Banking?

Rabo Business Banking is the new platform for Rabobank business clients. It is the successor to Rabo Corporate Connect and Rabo Internet Banking (Professional).

How do I access Rabo Business Banking?

The first clients who will have access to Rabo Business Banking are the current Rabo Corporate Connect clients who log in with an Online Key and Rabo Scanner. You can access Rabo Business Banking both from within Rabo Corporate Connect and from the public login page.

What will change for me as a client?

The business portal has changed in terms of style and navigation. The products and services that you are familiar with have been given a makeover, but have not changed in terms of their content.

Why has Rabobank developed this new platform?

At Rabobank we are constantly working to improve our (online) service provision. This new platform has been developed in order to be able to respond better to the rapid changes around us, and forms part of the total transformation of the digital Rabobank landscape. We have also made improvements on the basis of your feedback to areas including the navigation, ease of use and layout.

How long can I continue using Rabo Corporate Connect?

Rabo Corporate Connect will remain available alongside Rabo Business Banking for the time being. Once Rabo Business Banking has been made suitable for all Rabo Corporate Connect clients, Rabo Corporate Connect will be switched off. You will receive more information about this when it becomes relevant.