Rabo OnlineKey

The Rabo OnlineKey will replace the current smartcard. The Rabo OnlineKey is a special card that you can use to log in to the secure environment of Rabobank. In combination with the Rabo Scanner, the card provides access to Rabo Corporate Connect. Like the smartcard, the Rabo OnlineKey cannot be used to withdraw money or to make purchases via a point-of-sale terminal.

We will inform you personally about when you will receive the Rabo OnlineKey. The first Rabo OnlineKeys will be dispatched as from the end of 2015. Have you already received a new Rabo OnlineKey from your Rabobank and you want to activate it? Please click ‘Activate your Rabo OnlineKey’ to activate your card.

This is what the Rabo OnlineKey looks like:

Questions and answers

Does the Rabo OnlineKey replace my current smart card?

Yes. The Rabo OnlineKey becomes the new access card, used to login to the Rabobank environment. The Rabo OnlineKey only works in combination with the new Rabo Scanner. We will individually inform you about the date when we will send out your new security devices.

Can I login to the Rabobank environment with my current Rabo OnlineKey?

No. If you are already in possession of a Rabo OnlineKey for Rabobank Internet Banking Professional (RIB PRO), you can not use the Rabo OnlineKey to login to Rabo Corporate Connect.

Can I get a Rabo OnlineKey sooner?

No. It is not possible to receive the Rabo OnlineKey sooner. These cards will be provided from the end of 2015.

Is the Rabo OnlineKey compatible with my current card reader?

No. The Rabo OnlineKey only works in conjunction with the Rabo Scanner. The Rabo OnlineKey and the Rabo Scanner will be provided from the end of 2015.

Can I keep my current PIN code?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You will receive a new PIN code from Rabobank. The PIN code will be sent to you separately from the Rabo OnlineKey.

Can several colleagues use a single Rabo OnlineKey?

No, each user will receive his or her own Rabo OnlineKey in his or her name and a new PIN code.

Can I use the Rabo OnlineKey in combination with the (USB) card reader?

No, the Rabo OnlineKey will not work in combination with the (USB) card reader.

What should I do with my old smartcard?

As soon as you have received and started using the Rabo OnlineKey, new PIN code and Rabo Scanner, you can cut up and dispose of the smartcard.