Rabo Scanner

The Rabo Scanner will replace the current (USB) card reader. In combination with the Rabo OnlineKey, the Rabo Scanner will give you access to the secure environment of Rabobank.

180-raboscannerYou will log in to Rabo Corporate Connect with the Rabo Scanner. You will use the Rabo Scanner to place your digital signature in the online payment environment of Rabobank and also use the Rabo Scanner for online payments with a credit card from Rabobank. 

We will inform you personally about when you will receive the Rabo Scanner. The first Rabo Scanners will be dispatched as from the end of 2015.


Questions and answers

When will I receive a Rabo Scanner?

You will receive a Rabo Scanner from us in the period between November 2015 and the end of April 2016. As the Rabo Scanner will not work in combination with the current smartcard, you will also receive a new card from us, the Rabo OnlineKey, with a new PIN code.

Why is the (USB) card reader being replaced by the Rabo Scanner?

The (USB) card reader is outdated. The Rabo Scanner uses new technologies and offers greater convenience than the current (USB) card reader.

How does the Rabo Scanner work?

The Rabo Scanner uses new technology and has a built-in camera. In order for you to log in and sign with the Rabo Scanner, your computer screen will display a colour code. You must then use the Rabo Scanner to scan this colour code. The screen of your Rabo Scanner will display exactly what you are signing.  

Can I also set the Rabo Scanner to English?

Yes, you can also set the Rabo Scanner to the English language. The texts will then be displayed in English. In the menu, choose 'switch to English'. The messages that you receive on your Rabo Scanner will copy the language settings of your browser.

Can several people or colleagues use a single Rabo Scanner?

Yes. The Rabo Scanner is not a personalised device. Several people or employees of a company can use the same Rabo Scanner.

How do I use the Rabo Scanner to sign orders?

With the Rabo Scanner, you sign orders by scanning a colour code. The screen of the Rabo Scanner will display a summary of the orders you wish to sign. What you see is what you sign. That provides improved safety. For more information, you can run through the demo 'signing'.

Can the current smartcards be used with the Rabo Scanner?

No, the current smartcards will not work with the Rabo Scanner.

What if I cannot scan the colour code?

If you cannot scan the colour code, check whether the distance between the scanner and the colour code is correct. To make a good scan, hold the scanner 15 to 20 centimetres from the screen.

Do I need to install software for the Rabo Scanner?

No, that is not necessary. The Rabo Scanner is not connected to the PC and is not dependent on Java software.