Rabobank does everything it can to keep banking as secure as possible. You can help us to do this. Read here what you can do to keep business banking secure.


Criminals 'phish' for your personal details. They pretend to be Rabobank employees and send around fraudulent e-mails, also known as a phishing e-mail. By means of this e-mail, they try to get you to provide your personal details. After that, you will receive a telephone call from 'the bank': a smooth-talking fraudster will try to trick you into providing your security codes. The person calling you will often know a great deal about you.

What to do if you receive a fraudulent e-mail?

  • Have you provided personal details? Call Corporate Support!
  • Notice anything out of order? Call us!
  • Forward the fraudulent e-mail to
  • Delete the e-mail from your mailbox

A phishing e-mail is sometimes almost impossible to distinguish from a real e-mail. It is therefore difficult to recognise fake e-mails or fake websites. An e-mail from Rabobank will never contain a button to log in directly. In case of doubt, always contact Rabobank, Corporate Support department, telephone number +31 30 712 17 77 or send an e-mail to