Banking Services are no longer available from RaboDirect in Ireland.

RaboDirect closed

RaboDirect closed all remaining accounts and the funds are retained by Rabobank Dublin. In situations where there has not been any customer transaction in the preceding 15 years, the funds have been transferred to the NTMA in accordance with the Dormant Accounts Act.


Service Team

While RaboDirect has ceased banking operations in Ireland, we have put a dedicated Service Team in place to assist you in transferring any funds due to you or to another financial institution. The Service Team will operate as part of Rabobank Dublin.

    Available from 9am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays.
FAQ about RaboDirect

How to contact us?

If your question is not covered in our FAQs or you require further assistance, please email us at info@rabodirect.ie or phone us on 01 607 6288.