Marjan Trompetter Rabobank’s new chair of the Supervisory Board

Ron Teerlink resigns after two terms

Ron Teerlink resigned from his position as chair of the Supervisory Board (SB) during the General Members’ Council (GMC) meeting on September 22, 2021. Now that his second term as member of the Supervisory Board is about to expire, the Supervisory Board has appointed Marjan Trompetter as the new chair. This decision is subject to approval by the supervisory authorities.

Ron Teerlink joined the Supervisory Board in 2013 and was appointed chair in 2016. “I think the cooperative renewal that we have implemented in recent years is remarkable. We have brought our historical roots to the present. After two four-year terms, this is a natural moment for me to pass the baton,” says Teerlink. “Apart from the fact that Marjan and I attended the same university and completed the same study with the same professor, I am proud that Marjan succeeds me. I have every confidence in her as the first female chair of Rabobank’s Supervisory Board.”

Marjan Trompetter about her appointment: “It is an honor to be able to fulfill the combined chair role of the Supervisory Board and the GMC. This combination is the basis of the social orientation that makes Rabobank unique, a bank to be proud of. Together with the other members of the Supervisory Board, I am pleased to make every effort to live up to the confidence placed in me.”

Wiebe Draijer, chair of the Managing Board, addresses both: “A word of thanks to Ron for his dedication and contribution over the past eight years. It is a great privilege that I could work with him as the very experienced Supervisory Board member that he is. Ron enjoys widespread support in his role as chair of the Supervisory Board. He earned this support with his expertise, his dedication and constructively critical eye and his down-to-earth mind. Rabobank has benefited greatly from his leadership and we are very grateful to him. And may I express a warm welcome to Marjan in her new role in the Supervisory Board. In the past six years, as a member and vice chair of the Supervisory Board, she has shown that she understands the cooperative bank across the full spectrum. She has made a major contribution to both the banking and cooperative supervision themes. She has our full confidence. Marjan’s keen eye on society means that she will fulfill the position of GMC‘s chair in a good manner.”

With Ron’s departure and the appointment of Marjan, a number of roles in the Supervisory Board are shifting. Jan Nooitgedagt will become vice chair and Mark Pensaert will succeed him as chair of the Risk Committee. Pascal Visée succeeds Marjan Trompetter as chair of the Remuneration & HR Committee. Marjan will remain chair of the Appointments Committee. The other members of Rabobank’s Supervisory Board are Gert-Jan van den Akker, Annet Aris, Petri Hofsté (who will remain chair of the Audit Committee) and Arian Kamp (who will remain chair of the Cooperative Affairs Committee).


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