General Questions

What is changing as of March 2023?

What will change as of Nov 2023?

What is changing as of Nov 2024?

After 2 years into the 3 year migration period no major changes are expected in 2024. What can be expected is that some parties will require adjustments to the Usage Guidelines, requesting a less strict variation and additional data to be made available. For example, the use of Extended Remittance Information. Alternatively, following up on the requirement from Central Banks to deliver information in a more structured way, replacing unstructured address lines with the structured address elements.

What is changing as of Nov 2025?

Deadline for MT message exchange for CBPR+ only MX messages are allowed to be exchange after this deadline.

Planned dates, go-live and deadlines

All go-live and deadline dates mentioned in this FAQ may be subject to change, and will be updated on this page accordingly.

Contact Info

For any queries please reach out to the transaction banker or financial logistic expert handling your account.