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FAQ's Benchmark Reform & Reference Rates

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended to provide general background information on benchmark reform and related changes to a number of interest rate benchmarks, also known as reference rates. Changes to these reference rates can affect clients who use some of our banking products (for example derivatives, loans and securities). If reference is made in one of your products to a reference rate which is being or has been reformed or replaced (e.g. USD LIBOR, CDOR, SIBOR, WIBOR), then this might be relevant for you.

1. General information

2. LIBOR transition

3. Redefined EURIBOR


5. SOR, SIBOR, WIBOR and HIBOR transition

6. Derivative products

7. Fallback provisions

8. Rabobank and the reference rate reform

Additional information

You can find more information and questions on these topics in following the document:

Rabobank Benchmark Reform FAQs (September 2023)