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Voluntary Carbon Credits Solution (VCC Solution)

At Rabobank, we want to empower your carbon journey by being your carbon credit partner. That’s why we introduce Voluntary Carbon Credits Solution (VCC Solution). This initiative comes as an evolution from our support of sustainable projects all over the world. With our financial and sustainability experience we assist the Voluntary Carbon Market by connecting sellers and buyers for a higher positive impact.

Our mission

VCC Solution is more than a service, it’s our commitment to driving positive change, creating a biodiverse system together with our clients.

Rabobank is here to support you in achieving your sustainability goals by navigating the Voluntary Carbon Market to offset your emissions, while expecting CO2 reduction.


Why should you join the VCC Solution


Your Reliable Partner when it comes to Voluntary Carbon Credits.

Our experience with Acorn, supporting project developers in Brazil and across the globe, and financing farmers to achieve sustainability goals together, helps us understand the intricacies of carbon projects and can provide you with the professional guidance you need.


High Quality

Elevate your impact with high-quality credits and rigorous selection.

Not all carbon credits are created equal. We recognize the importance of quality in your sustainability efforts. Beyond mere certification, our selection process makes sure that the credits you acquire meet high standards and deliver quality.



Our commitment for fair partnerships.

We have taken industry feedback into account and are committed in setting the stage for clarity and transparency that will help the Voluntary Carbon Market grow.

Voluntary Carbon Credits Process

How it works

The journey towards sustainability shouldn't feel overwhelming and complex. We want to support you in becoming confident taking steps in the Voluntary Carbon Market. After you request to buy or sell credits, we will utilize our network of project developers and organizations and facilitate the transaction. Interested?

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About Rabo Carbon Bank

Rabo Carbon Bank, part of Rabobank, creates voluntary, high-quality, nature-based carbon solutions in the food and agricultural chain and helps corporate clients to achieve their sustainability goals by offsetting their hard-to-abate final emissions.

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Let's find out how we can support your sustainability goals.