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We embed sustainability in all we do. We align our ambitions with regulatory requirements, commitments we signed and convictions we have. We are looking at how to better protect and restore nature, and ensure that people and companies can take these steps as well.

Banking the key transitions

Everyone needs food and energy. And since both the food as well as the energy system currently is not future-proof, we want to contribute to accelerate the needed transitions for these systems. We hope that, this way, sustainably produced food and energy will become the norm and will be affordable, available and accessible. That, to us, is part of Growing a better world together.


Food System Transition

After the climate challenge, the availability of sufficient, healthy and affordable food to feed the world's population is the most urgent and complex challenge the world is facing.

We help our customers future-proof their businesses so there will be enough nutrious, affordable food long into the future.


Energy Transition

Everyone needs energy, but the current global energy system strongly impacts the planet, contributing to climate change and nature loss. That is why we invest in new ways of generation and consumption of energy.

We are committed to contribute to a future-proof energy system. A system that will strongly revolve around energy saving and using low or no carbon instead of fossil sources: from energy companies to small enterprises, from multinationals to farms or family homes. Green energy should become affordable, available and accessible.