Close cooperation for development


We offer support to local financial institutions in emerging markets.

Close cooperation for inclusive societies

This equity finance and guidance means they can professionalize, scale up and become financially sustainable. Our partner financial institutions contribute to a sound and sustainable financial local infrastructure that fosters financial inclusion and economic growth even in less densely populated regions. At the same time, our investment portfolio contributes to our profitability.

Financial system change fosters inclusion

So far, we have invested in financial institutions in 10 countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our network of banks on the African continent covers large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. To contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of this region, Rabo Partnerships, Norfund, NorFinance and FMO agreed to establish the investment platform Arise. The mission of Arise is to partner with sustainable, locally owned financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them become leaders in their respective markets and strengthen the economy of their markets. Increased financial inclusion leads to economic growth and job creation, rural development and poverty alleviation.

Our investments


Started Investments (Rabo Development)


Establishment of Arise

€434 mln

Investment portfolio as of YE 2021