Who we are

Who we are

We want to give farmers access to financial services to increase their chances of growth and boost rural development. We address issues that matter for the future – such as financial inclusion, rural development and sustainable food security.

What we stand for

A growing population, changing food patterns, and sustainable production within planetary boundaries make the transformation of global food systems necessary. Households, agribusinesses and SMEs in emerging markets lack access to credit, which creates a financing gap. We make it our mission to focus on improving financial inclusion, which increases rural development and food security in emerging markets.

Accelerating innovative services

Partnerships matter

The challenges we address can only be tackled if we cooperate. We work on achieving inclusive financial and food systems in emerging markets through building strong global partnerships. Our teams set out to employ our tools: knowledge, network, finance and innovation to create impact. Our partners include governments, public and multilateral organizations, financial institutions, farmer cooperatives, companies along the food & agri value chain, technology companies and more. Together, we work on allocating more finance towards a more sustainable growth of agricultural production, so that sustainable food security can be reached for all.

Our partners

We are proud to cooperate with leading organizations to provide impactful solutions and generate healthy returns.

Public and Multilateral

Financial partners

A selection of the financial institutions we've partnered with to deliver impact.


Our approach

Our approach

Working along the food & agrivalue chain, we support local farmer producer cooperatives to become more professional and assist food & agricompanies with strategy planning and implementation. For example, we connect them to local suppliers to improve green and sustainable sourcing of inputs.

We help financial institutions and new ventures build their capacity and knowledge by providing long-term equity investments, technical assistance, guidance and access to our international networks. This way, they improve their skills and can reach more rural customers, increasing financial inclusion.

By introducing new financial concepts in rural markets, we drive the reduction of risks and costs of investments, making a switch to more sustainable agricultural practices possible.

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