Feeding a growing population

Blended Finance

Blended finance can lower the risk of financing agriculture to an acceptable level for commercial banks.

Feeding a growing population

Increasing global demand for food means farmers and the people who prepare and deliver our food need to increase production. This increase has to be sustainable in the long run and not put too much pressure on our environment. To change our global foods systems, the agricultural sector needs finance. In many parts of the world, farmers can only borrow from family and the local community instead of banks, and they can’t transfer or save money. These financial services are crucial for personal and business growth.

“Commercial banks are best positioned to finance the food system transition. Their main challenge is the risk, which is where blended finance can make a difference.”

Blended Finance & Impact Finance


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Financing the food transition

Through our innovative blended finance solutions, we can lower the risk of financing farmers for commercial investors such as banks. Over the years, we have built a portfolio of blended finance transactions combining commercial and public funds. Together with our partners, we are allocating more finance towards a more sustainable growth of agricultural production, so that sustainable food security can be reached for all.

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