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Blended Finance

We are expert in structuring and executing blended finance transactions with high social and environmental impact for emerging markets. We bring together knowledge, network and experience to advice our clients and partners and design tailored made, innovative financing solutions.


More than ever, transitions to ensure the sustainability and liveability of our planet are needed. Key transition areas include energy and food systems and requires technology and innovation but also massive investments, particularly in emerging markets.

Yet, the financing gap to achieve the UN SDGs by 2030 for example, is significant. The United Nations (UN) estimated that bridging this gap would require a total investment of $90-100 trillion at least.

Given the size of the funding gap, especially in emerging markets, innovative collaborations are required.

RaboPartnerships’ Blended Finance team is set up to create solutions that combine public and private funding to mobilize capital for impact.

Our unique advantage lies in our affiliation with Rabobank, which grants us a deep understanding of commercial banking operations. We serve as a bridge between the impact-driven world and the private sector

“ We work with corporates, impact funds, partner banks and governments.”

Blended Finance & Impact Finance


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blended finance transactions until YE 2021

AGRI3 Fund

& Technical Assistance facility designed & incorporated

Exploring new frontiers


We advise corporates on the structuring and execution of tailor-made blended finance solutions that require risk-sharing and / or technical assistance from impact funds.

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Multilateral and governmental organisations

We advise governments on blended finance structures and opportunities. We facilitate collaboration with key stakeholders including financial institutions and impact funds.

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Impact Funds

With support impact funds with the structuring and execution of blended finance transactions. We facilitate the participation of commercial lenders / parties and provide investment opportunities.

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Partner Banks

We advise partner banks and financial institutions in emerging markets on structuring of blended finance solutions. We facilitate collaboration with public finance and risk sharing parties such as development and impact funds.

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