Smallholders lack finance

Smallholder Ecosystems

Adopting new tools and technologies makes finance and innovation accessible at all levels. We promote new digital, financial tools to reduce the financing gap, all the way to the smallholder farmers.

Smallholders lack finance

Smallholders are key in feeding the world’s growing population, but environmental challenges and pressures are increasing. By 2050, there will be close to 10 billion mouths to feed, while globally 33% of agricultural land is seriously or moderately degraded.

“Right now is the moment for cooperation. The biggest food & agri companies and financial institutions are all facing similar challenges reaching smallholders. Digital solutions are the tool of choice that can bridge the gap in the last mile delivery.”

No less than 270 million households in developing countries consider smallholder farming an integral part of their livelihoods. They are responsible for the production of 60-80% of food worldwide and would require around $240 billion finance. Yet many smallholders are excluded from financial services, and thus lack capital and the buffer against adversity and shocks and the chance to grow.

Accelerating innovative services

New, digital tools and services provide access to finance and knowledge, which means farmers can increase their productivity and improve their income. This is necessary in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the wellbeing of future generations. Currently we are working on a strategy to empower smallholder farmers in emerging markets, connecting initiatives across the bank.

Towards a joint proposition


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