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Circular Business

Car dashboards made from tomato skins, endlessly reusable workwear and soup made from scrap vegetables. There are already various examples of circular entrepreneurship. Rabobank is convinced that reliable and circular enterprises are better prepared for the future.

Getting started with circular business

We want to help entrepreneurs in their circular business, creating a cycle of products and materials that provides value for as long as possible. Partners who see opportunities in recycling or re-using materials are also necessary, and consumer or customer willingness also has an important role to play.

We support entrepreneurs in various ways. With research, knowledge, our network and financing (risks) or circular business model, always in an active dialogue with our customers. When providing funding for circular business activities, we always consider:

    Is the quality of the enterprise sufficient? Does the model focus on closing cycles and retaining value? Does it answer a demonstrable demand from the market and does it have a clear earnings model? Is it part of the organization's long-term strategy? Is there sufficient supply of reusable (bio) raw materials? Does it contribute to a future-proof world?


Circular businesses pay more attention to the potential scarcity of certain (organic) resources and materials, reduce carbon emissions and are quicker to recognise the emergence of new needs and markets. As a result, these businesses are more resilient, more innovative and less vulnerable. Their sustainable business models make them the market leaders of the future.

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Circular Business Challenge

Opportunities arise for entrepreneurs when they start thinking circular. Rabobank helps with ideas, network and (regional) business insights.

Up for a challenge?

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