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Growing a better world together. We want to, need to and have committed to do so. That’s why we support our customers to be resilient and future-proof. Now & tomorrow. So they’re able to act on climate and nature in their business and at home. In a financially sound way. That’s why we will also drive developments that can contribute to making the more sustainable option affordable, available and accessible.

Our sustainable priorities

From a sustainability perspective the reduction of our climate impact and bringing back the nature impact to planetary boundaries are our main priorities. In our own organization, with our customers and in our communities. We will drive developments that can contribute to make a more sustainable life and business affordable, available and accessible.

We will act in line with our commitments and regulation and do this in a science based way. Next to having our foundation in order, from human rights to good governance, our relentless focus from an environmental perspective will be to:

    act in line with the maximum 1.5⁰C warming as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement and decarbonize where possible value nature and go back to planetary boundaries

And we use an inclusive social perspective in all that we do.

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Climate Plan

Our commitments to ‘Paris’ mean that we are actively seeking ways to increase the positive impact and decrease the negative impact of our financing activities and operations, on climate change. In our climate plan ‘Our Road to Paris’ targets and pathways where possible are based on science (i.e. SBTi and IEA).

Our Road to Paris 2022 (EN)

Act on climate

Climate change and nature loss undermine the resilience of our planet and its ability to recover. It affects everyone, everywhere. Rabobank clearly recognizes the gravity of the situation and we are fully committed to support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and signed the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and the Dutch Financial Climate. To us it’s about:

    maximum reduction of greenhouse gas emissions strong increase of carbon sequestration decarbonization of the economy

Our goal is to act in line with the maximum 1.5 degrees Celsius warming as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement. We look further than our own company.

We need to help our customers on their journey from here to greener and support them with our knowledge, network, products and services to be able to start and complete that journey. For example:

    creating insights in emissions and offering solutions to reduce them financing more sustainable homes developing better earning models for more sustainable farming supporting sustainable energy generation and consumption

What we also look at:


Value nature

As Rabobank, we recognize human impact and dependency on Nature and the urge to act on it. We were one of the first financial institutions that co-launched and signed up to the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures. To us it’s about progressively adapting our portfolios toward:

    halting deforestation and land conversion avoiding impacts in protected and key biodiversity areas minimizing pollution to safeguard water and soil quality minimizing impacts on threatened species restoring degraded ecosystems steering on good agricultural practices, reducing food loss & waste and protein diversification

Sustainable Food and Agri sector

The availability of sufficient, nutritious and affordable food to feed the world's growing population is one of the most urgent and complex challenges in the 21st Century. If we want to feed the world sustainably, the current way we produce and consume food must change. We believe we need to work towards a future-proof food system that meets the increasing demand for nutritious and sustainable food, improves living standards for farmers and producers and respects people, animals and nature. As a cooperative, customer-driven, all-finance bank, with partners and customers at every step in the food value chain, Rabobank is well positioned and committed to support its customers in the changing landscape.

To facilitate the transition toward a future-proof food system, based on responsible production and consumption of food, we work on the following underlying transitions:

    accelerate application of sustainable practices and promoting circularity diversify protein supply and consumption reduce food loss & waste strengthening rural livelihoods make sustainable produces nutritious food affordable, available and accessible

Read more on our vision, approach and solutions.

Farmers tending to their crops

Biodiversity Monitor

Increasing biodiversity is crucial. But how do you measure that and know what to act on as a farmer? That's where the biodiversity monitor can be of help.