An extra challenge

In order to achieve the same goals as other people, individuals with a disability often have to work extra hard. In the process, they learn to stand up for themselves and to overcome adversity. Rabobank eagerly offers them a place to work.

Employees who face extra challenges deserve a structural workplace at Rabobank. Sometimes we offer a familiarization period to find out if there’s a good match between the employee and the company. But whether the person is offered a work experience position or an internship, the goal is always for the individual to eventually find work as a full-fledged paid employee.

Contributing to a better society

Ton van Nimwegen, Operations Director at Rabobank, is proud of the bank’s diversity policy. “Fifty percent of the people with a disability we’ve hired were unemployed before. Everyone’s lives are improved when you can find a job that suits you. That includes yourself and the people around you, as well as society as a whole, not to mention us as an employer. People with a disability are often extremely resilient, persistent and creative. Co-workers with a hearing impairment, for example, can often read a customer’s or colleague’s emotions from their body language. I think it’s a no-brainer that building a diverse, better bank contributes to a better society.”

Example for others

In 2017, Rabobank was presented with the Ambition Award by Ctalents, an organization that supports young professionals who are hearing impaired or visually impaired. And in 2018, Rabobank won the Rocket Award for companies that work on behalf of people with a disability and serve as an example for others.

The power of our network: RAP

The Rabo ArbeidsParticipatie network (Rabo Labor Participation, RAP) works on behalf of employees who face visible or invisible challenges, as well as their co-workers. The network’s efforts are geared towards assisting, reinforcing and developing employees with a disability within Rabobank. RAP focuses on exchanging knowledge and experiences, offering knowledge and skills that reinforce the position and employability of people with a challenge, and representing the group to management.

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