Different cultures

Rabobank is a multi-cultural organization. Our employees have a wide range of cultural backgrounds and customs, and celebrate a variety of holidays. We make plenty of room for all of these differences. Not only by giving people space to be themselves, but also because diversity is of great value for our services and customers.

We want a staff that is just as diverse as the society around us. Our aim is to make Rabobank visible and recognizable for everyone. We also contribute to building an inclusive society where everyone has a chance to participate.

Ambitions for newcomers

At the top of the organization, we aim to double the number of executives with a diverse background, from 3.5% to 7%, within the next two years. We also actively contribute to newcomers entering the job market in the Netherlands. Over the next two years, for example, we aim to offer 60 newcomers with a residence permit a chance at a real job at Rabobank.

Halal food and meditation center

Diversity and inclusion are not just about the employees themselves, but also about the facilities we can offer them. That includes serving halal dishes in our restaurants. Our headquarters in Utrecht also features a meditation center, which offers employees a quiet space where they can pray, meditate or contemplate in calm surroundings.


Mimoent Haddouti, Global Head of Risk Reporting, Rabobank

“As Global Head of Risk Reporting at Rabobank, I believe it’s important that my department is a realistic reflection of our customers. Men, women, young, old, different cultural backgrounds: we need diversity in order to perform optimally and to keep each other sharp. It’s precisely that diversity that guarantees a fresh and multi-faceted work method, which enables you to reinforce and complement one another – as it should be in any strong team. And all of those different perspectives produce a better end result. A diverse team also provides added value when you work together with co-workers abroad every day, as I do. Every culture has its own way of getting things done. So I always try to find out the best way to adapt to the culture, norms and values of the people I work with. How can we work together to achieve results, while letting people be themselves? That earns respect, and it gets people on your side. I learn something new from my colleagues around the world every day, and my life is richer for it.”

The power of our network: Kleurrijk Rabo and GLOBO

In the Kleurrijk Rabo (Colorful Rabo) network, employees with a culturally diverse background inspire and support one another in their personal development. The participants share their experiences, give one another tips, support each other and organize events.

GLOBO is the network for international colleagues working in the Netherlands, where they can share their work experience and knowledge. Dutch co-workers with international ambitions or who would like to expand their international network can also join GLOBO. The network organizes knowledge seminars, volunteer activities and social gatherings.