Rabobank Diversity Award for best internal diversity initiative

The Rabobank Diversity Board has introduced an incentive prize to develop awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion among all employees of the Rabobank Group. With the Diversity Award, the board aims to encourage, highlight, and reward diversity initiatives.

The team, department, or unit (local, central, or international) with the most distinctive contribution to diversity & conclusion will be presented with the annual Diversity Award.

On Thursday evening 8 March, the very first Rabobank Diversity Award was handed out. The award was won by (local) Rabobank The Hague Region with its Schilderswijk project. In addition to this project, two other projects had been nominated: Rabobank meets Brownies & downieS by Rabobank Emmen-Coevorden, and Rabobank North America’s Diversity Programme.

Schilderswijk project makes a connection

Rabobank The Hague Region has identified the multicultural Schilderswijk neighbourhood as an area full of opportunities, bristling with entrepreneurship. That’s why the bank initiated the Schilderswijk project in 2016, aimed at reinforcing the connection between the bank, entrepreneurs, and locals. A special project team was set up, consisting of supervisory directors, members councils members, the local board of directors, and bank employees. Employees headed out into the neighbourhoud to support entrepreneurs, students were matched with businesses to find internships and jobs, and Rabobank established a visible, recognisable presence in the area with special campaigns, such as the Eid campaign.

Jan van Nieuwenhuizen, Wholesale Managing Board Director and chairman of the jury, explains the jury’s decision: “This project deserved to win because it put the customer front and centre, even more so than the other two initiatives. The project contributes to increasing the liveability in the area and in doing so, the bank listens carefully to its customers. Furthermore, the project reinforces cultural diversity within the bank, and the bank’s employees are incredibly motivated and proud to be able to make a contribution. You can find out more about the Schilderswijk project by watching the video at the bottom of this page.

Rabobank meets Brownies & downieS and Diversity Programme North America come in second and third

The other two nominees also managed to impress those present at the award ceremony. Bringing people with Down Syndrome into Rabobank Emmen-Coevorden has not just affected the bank’s customers, but the bank’s employees as well. It has benefited everyone: from the customers and the employees, to the entire atmosphere in the bank. In the video (you can find the link at the bottom of the page), you can see how proudly the heroes at Brownies & downieS reflect on their work and the fact that they can call Rabobank employees their colleagues.

The programme introduced by our colleagues from North America was equally impressive, as were their efforts towards putting diversity and inclusion on the map. These initiatives focus on creating an inclusive environment with a diverse workforce, based on the conviction that this will be good for business and for the company culture. For more information, please watch the video at the bottom of this page.

A single, worldwide diversity policy for Rabobank

Since January 2018, Rabobank has adopted a worldwide policy and standard with regard to Diversity & Inclusion. The Managing Board approved the implementation of this worldwide policy and standard, which will apply to all our offices at home and abroad.