Rabobank sponsors Amsterdam Pride 2017

In 2017, Rabobank sponsored Amsterdam Pride for the second time. Rabobank is the only major bank to support the annual festive activities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people. The Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation and Rabobank symbolically kicked off the 21st edition of Amsterdam Pride on 28 July 2017 by striking the Euronext gong.

‘As a bank, we’re there for everybody. That’s why we find it important for LGBT+ people to be able to be who they are,’ says Faisal Sheikh, board member on Rainbow, Rabobank’s LGBT+ network. ‘We have the responsibility of communicating this to our employees, customers, members and networks. Rabobank took part in the famous boat parade through the Amsterdam canals with its own boat. Our boat was full of LGBT+ people who form a network within the bank, and who are also there for their own community. Furthermore, we were not only visible in the boat parade, but we also provided substantive support by sponsoring the events that took place during the week. We also sponsor other LGBT+ events, such as Pink Wednesday in Nijmegen, Pink Saturday in Den Bosch, the Rainbow Festival in The Hague, and Midzomergracht in Utrecht. These are all moments in which we demonstrate our feelings about the importance of accepting diversity, all year round.’

Many Rabobank offices in the Netherlands raise the rainbow flag to show that they believe diversity and acceptance to be important. Examples include Rabobank Central Twente, Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen and Rabobank Almere.

Complete acceptance

‘This sponsorship shows that diversity is an important theme within Rabobank,’ says Faisal. ‘We are not only striving for a workforce that reflects the community, but also for an inclusive culture. That means that everyone is involved and included. I think it’s good to keep pushing for attention for diversity. It’s important that everyone, including our customers and our employees, can be themselves. No matter where or when.’