Rabobank wins Diamond for Diversity

In June 2017, Wiebe Draijer (Rabobank CEO) and Roeli Pot, Global Expert in Diversity & Inclusion at Rabobank, received a Diamond for Diversity on behalf of Rabobank. The Talent to the Top Monitoring Committee rated Rabobank’s gender diversity policy as a ‘shining example’. Not only has the share of women at the top – at the board of directors level and the management level below – increased in one year by almost 12%, the supervisory board also consists of 30% women.

Great leaps

The objective was achieved with ease in 2016. ‘In two years’ time, we’ve gone from 5% to 25% women at the top,’ says Wiebe Draijer, Rabobank CEO. ‘And that happened very naturally, because we select on the basis of merit and quality. The women we appointed offer added value and make our bank stronger and better.’ But according to Wiebe Draijer, that is not the most important thing: ‘I’m convinced that the contribution made by women in top positions is essential for growth and a better working environment. On 1 September, the executive board changed to become a ten-member executive committee, including four women. This makes Rabobank one of the three companies in the Netherlands that satisfies the Dutch target figure of 30% women on executive boards and supervisory boards.


Roeli Pot is happy with the steps that Rabobank has taken. ‘The ambitions we set in 2014 were high, but not unrealistic. Thanks to the commitment shown by the executive board, the active efforts of the diversity board and a programme focused on creating awareness, we’ve been able to catch up quickly. I know of no other company where the proportion of women in top positions has so rapidly increased. That’s absolutely extraordinary, and the reason we’re seen as a ‘shining example’ by the Talent to the Top Monitoring Committee. And that’s why we were rewarded with a Diamond.’