Celebrating inclusion

At Rabobank, we eagerly celebrate diversity and inclusion. Doing so has earned the appreciation of our own employees and builds support for our efforts.

If you want to make everyone a stakeholder in diversity and inclusion, you have to celebrate your successes together. Because who doesn’t want to be a member of the ‘winning team’? Positive examples also help to combat biases and exclusion.
Some of the ways we celebrate diversity and inclusion together with our employees include organizing Diversity Day, presenting the Rabobank Diversity Award and actively nominating employees for awards given by other organizations.

And the winner is...

Rabobank has won many awards over the past few years, including the Diamond Award for addressing gender diversity, the Rocket Award for hiring people with a disability, the Ctalents Ambition Award for employing people with a visual or hearing impairment, the EZVN Award for Ethnic Woman Manager of the Year and the DIWAN Award for Management.

Diversity Day

Every October, we celebrate Diversity Day together with our employees. The event is a fun way to emphasize the power of inclusion: making room for differences in cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, age, gender or physical abilities. On Diversity Day, Rabobank locations all over the world organize activities for employees and customers.

Diversity Award

Every part of Rabobank, from the local bank to international headquarters, can compete for the Diversity Award. The award was created to make employees even more aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion. We also encourage, highlight and eventually reward internal initiatives within Rabobank. In 2019, the Operations department took home the prize for their work in hiring people who have trouble finding employment.

Diamond Award

The Monitoring Talent to the Top committee has rated Rabobank’s gender diversity policy as an ‘inspiring example’. In recognition of that, we received a Diamond for Diversity in 2017. Roeli Pot, Global Expert Diversity & Inclusion Rabobank: “I know of no other company where the proportion of women in executive positions has increased as rapidly as at Rabobank, thanks to the Group Board’s commitment, the active effort of the diversity board, and a program to help raise awareness.”

Ctalents Ambition Award

Rabobank truly makes a difference in the area of inclusion and puts its words into action. In recognition of that we received the 2018 Ctalents Ambition Award. The organization supports young professionals with a visual or hearing disability in finding paid work. Ctalents rewarded Rabobank for its serious inclusion ambitions for the near future – both at the central level and at the local affiliates – that the organization has already begun to realize by finding work for the first participants with a disability.

Rocket Award

The Rocket Award honors companies that work on the behalf of people with a disability and serve as an example for other organizations. The first edition of the prize was presented in 2018. Rabobank had the honor of accepting the award for its policy in this area and the commitment shown by the highest levels of the organization. We see the prize as a reward for all of the talented individuals at the bank who face extra challenges, and for all of the managers and recruiters who recognized their talents, rather than their disabilities.

EZVN Award

Etnische Zaken Vrouwen Nederland (EZVN) aims to create a podium where Dutch professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds can find role models and once again dare to believe that they can reach the top. Each year, the organization presents the EZVN Businesswoman, EZVN Manager and EZVN Entrepreneur Awards. In 2016, Rabobank Netherlands Global Head of IT Continuity & Security Services Mimoent Haddouti won the EZVN Award for Female Manager of the Year.

Diwan Award

The Diwan Awards are presented in recognition of Dutch people with a bi-cultural background, in order to help fight biases and highlight the power of diversity. Rabobank Global HR Director Iman Eddini was presented with the Diwan Award for the category Management in late 2019.