The power of differences

There is strength in diversity and inclusion: at Rabobank, we truly believe that. Diversity isn’t just good for our employees, but also for our bank and for society as a whole. Paying attention to diversity and inclusion is also simply the right thing to do in our day and age.

As a cooperative organization, we are rooted in society. From that position, we strive to give talent a chance and to exclude no one based on gender, cultural background, disabilities, age or other personal characteristics. Everyone at Rabobank should be able to develop and work to build a stronger bank and a better society.

Different characteristics and competencies

With our policy on diversity and inclusion, we at Rabobank can benefit from a variety of insights, knowledge, characteristics and points of view. Together, these qualities spark greater creativity and innovation. A diverse staff also offers a sharper focus on what our customers expect from us. Moreover, Rabobank faces some rapid changes and complex issues, such as globalization, digitization and automation. We can only address these challenges with the help and effort of employees who have a wide range of characteristics and competencies.

Flashmob Bollywood dance

Employees surprised their co-workers with a ‘Bollywood Flashmob’ for a special Diversity Day celebration at Rabobank.