There are seven diversity networks active within Rabobank, both in the Netherlands and abroad. They offer employees a platform where they can work together to enhance diversity and inclusion within the organization.


RaboWomen is Rabobank’s internal women’s network. Its goal is to accelerate the development of women, and with them, the organization. RaboWomen emphasizes the importance of working in a diverse company, and therefore works to enhance the power of women in all of their diversity. The network organizes a wide range of activities each year. RaboWomen currently reaches 18,000 women working at Rabobank around the world. In recognition of the network’s efforts over the past few years, in 2019 RaboWomen was presented with the second prize for ‘Outstanding Employee Network of the Year’ at the annual European Diversity Awards.

Rabo ArbeidsParticipatie (RAP)

Rabo ArbeidsParticipatie (Rabo Labor Participation, RAP) works on behalf of employees who face visible or invisible challenges, as well as on behalf of their co-workers, in order to build an inclusive Rabobank. RAP focuses on exchanging knowledge and experiences, offering knowledge and skills that reinforce the position and employability of people with a challenge, and representing the group to management.

Kleurrijk Rabo

In the Kleurrijk Rabo (Colorful Rabo) network, employees with a culturally diverse background inspire and support one another in their personal development. The participants share their experiences, give one another tips, support each other and organize events.


GLOBO is the network for international colleagues working in the Netherlands, where they can share their work experience and knowledge. Dutch co-workers with international ambitions or who need to expand their international network can also join GLOBO. The network organizes knowledge seminars, volunteer activities and social gatherings.


The internal network Rainbow offers LGBTQI+ employees the opportunity to join together and discuss gender and sexual diversity at the bank. To that end, the members of the network organize activities and develop a wide range of initiatives.

Jong Rabo

To connect young employees at Rabobank, facilitate their personal development and help them contribute their talent to organizational issues: that is the mission of Jong Rabo (Young Rabo). The network organizes regular activities, from social get-togethers to athletic events and debates. Jong Rabo also works together with other companies and youth associations.

Wij(s) Rabo

In the Wij(s) Rabo network, senior bank employees come together with the goal of enjoying the rest of their careers. The network organizes activities that contribute to employees’ vitality, so that they can continue to work and develop, both personally and professionally.