Together with customers

Rabobank sees diversity and inclusion as a strength: it makes us a better bank. The same applies to our customers as well. That’s why we share our knowledge and experience with our customers and invite them to talk about diversity and inclusion with us.

Making refugee children smile

For the past few years, members of the Rabobank GLOBO network have volunteered to give children at the refugee center in Utrecht a fun day out. They sponsor a bus to take the children and Rabobank volunteers to a climbing park. Each GLOBO member accompanies a child through the adventurous route. The volunteers also organize activities for the children in the refugee center itself, such as dance lessons and an improvised bowling alley.

Offering job market opportunities in Amsterdam

As of 2020, Rabobank is now the new official banker of the City of Amsterdam. In exchange, we promise to make a big investment in Amsterdammers who have trouble finding paid employment. We will devote five percent of the revenue to improve these individuals’ chances of finding a job, or on other social projects for the city. Barbara Baarsma, Board Chairperson of Rabobank Amsterdam: “As a socially responsible bank, we devote our entire efforts and conviction to the city’s businesses and residents. Some of the ways we do that are through educational projects geared towards improving people’s employment opportunities, as well as initiatives that give everyone the chance to bridge the gap to the job market. In so doing, we invest in mutual self-reliance.”

Boosting women’s entrepreneurship

In 2019, the Borski Fund collected more than 21 million euros to invest in start-ups and scale-ups led by women. Over the next five years, this will allow them to help 15 to 20 companies grow their business. The Borski Fund is the first Dutch venture capital fund that focuses exclusively on encouraging all female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to start a business. Rabobank has committed to investing five million euros in the fund. The Borski Fund was founded as part of the ‘F€mpower your Growth’ program, which focuses on encouraging female entrepreneurship and improving access to financing for female entrepreneurs.