Rabo Partnerships is first and foremost ‘people work’. That is why we are looking for professional consultants who are interested in taking on the challenge of working at a financial institution in a developing country. These consultants can be Rabobank employees, but we deploy external consultants as well. Both can apply by registering in the consultant database.

What kind of employees is RD looking for?

Rabo Partnerships makes a distinction between long-term and short-term deployments.

Long-term deployments are missions that take one to three years.
For these deployments we are primarily seeking experienced bankers who bring broad management experience (at least ten years). In the case of projects involving a participating interest in a financial institution, you will hold a management position (e.g. CEO, CRO). You will also be responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the consultants who are on short-term deployments.

Short-term deployments are missions that take a few weeks or at the most several months. You are eligible for a short-term deployment if you have expertise in one or more divisions of the banking field (at least five years). Examples include product development, ICT/MIS, distribution policy, credit lending, risk management, internal audit, payments, human resources, business processes, etc.

All consultants should also have the following general characteristics (for both long and short-term deployments):


  1. Excellent written and spoken command of the English language.
  2. Academic intellectual and working level.
  3. Team player.
  4. Enterprising and flexible attitude.
  5. Ability to think ‘out of the box’.
  6. A ‘hands-on’ attitude and ability to put plans into practice.
  7. Solution-orientation, result-focus and pragmatic approach.
  8. Enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences.
  9. Energetic and inspiring.
  10. Open to other cultures.

Contact Rabo Partnerships

Office Address Croeselaan 18, UC18 T 6
3521 CB Utrecht
Postal Address P.O. BOX 17100, UC 0100
3500 HG Utrecht, the Netherlands


After you have completed your registration, you will be informed whether or not your profile matches our requirements and whether you will be added to the consultants database. When new projects arise, we will select the required expertise from the database and invite candidates for an interview to discuss the project and their potential participation. It is, however, important to note that it is impossible to know in advance if and when this will actually happen. Once you are registered in our consultants database, you will receive our quarterly Rabo Partnerships newsletter containing all the latest news.

Please remember to keep your profile up to date after registration. You must update your profile at least once a year in order to remain in the consultants database.