The cocoa connection in Ivory Coast

Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast are forming cooperatives as a means for increasing farmer independence. This is resulting in better quality, education, sustainability and prospects for the future. Rabobank, Ecom and Mars have set up a credit fund on the spot to provide the access to finance that is crucial for success.

Rabobank and Rijk Zwaan promote sustainable agriculture in Africa

They join forces to support sustainability and cooperation.

Milking the market, Zambian style

Palabana Dairy Co-operative is a young cooperative that is growing by joining forces, developing skills and working together. Zanaco initially gave it a loan that it repaid in 12 months. Moving from strength to strength, it now produces some 4,000 litres of milk a day. A success story founded on cooperative principles and financing from Rabobank-partner Zanaco.

Red-hot sustainability in Mozambique

Koos and Ingrid van de Merwe decided to start farming chili peppers in Mozambique in partnership with local farmers. Rabobank-partner Banco Terra financed the tractor and supplied an overdraft. Today the company works with some 100 farmers. Community, common goals and self-sufficiency are the driving forces.

Modern banking for Rwanda

Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) is breaking new ground in mobile banking, enabling customers to use mobile banking to handle their basic banking needs. The bank’s revolutionary IZI Cash lets customers transfer funds to people without bank accounts. BPR shows that technology can be harnessed to expand access to finance.

Access to finance in Rwanda

Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) and Rabobank have been working in partnership since 2008 to transform BPR into a fully-fledged retail bank. It is all about reaching out and providing access to financial services to all Rwandans nearby their communities.

Banco Regional Paraguay

Rabo Partnerships is committed to achieving financial inclusion for a large group. Banco Regional, Rabo Partnerships partner bank in Paraguay, has a history of promoting access to financial services by providing loans across all segments of the population to facilitate food and agri businesses.