The Netherlands wants to be circular before 2050. Circular economy is based on the principle of using raw materials as well as possible for as long as possible in order to avoid shortages. Rabobank is convinced that circularity is of great importance for prosperity, welfare and a future-proof economy, and that businesses operating in a sustainable and circular fashion are more innovative and more resilient, making them more fundable. This is why we are making an effort to get to a circular economy in various ways. To enforce this, we work together with KPMG and MVO Nederland.

Why a circular economy?

A circular economy is of great importance for prosperity, welfare and a healthy, future-proof economic system.

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Circular economy in practice

Read the stories of several entrepreneurs who have already adopted circular entrepreneurship.

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Circular business

Sustainable, circular enterprises are the market leaders of the future. How we stimulate circular entrepreneurship?

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Circular Business Desk

This team of specialists helps entrepreneurs with strategic issues entailed in circular business models.

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Helping entrepreneurs grow

How do entrepreneurs make their business models more sustainable? Read it in our publication, infographic and stories of entrepreneurs.

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