Vision and policy: Sustainably successful together

People and businesses achieve the greatest impact in sustainable development when they join forces and invest in each other. Rabobank is committed to helping clients and their communities in achieving sustainability by providing tailored financial services and access to knowledge and networks. Caring for people, the climate and the environment often goes hand in hand with the creation of new income opportunities and economic development.

Achieving sustainability in practice entails a process that helps people and businesses to further improve the relationship between prosperity and wellbeing. It all comes down to caring for people, the climate, wildlife, the environment and the economy – today and tomorrow. People are responsible for taking the initiative to achieve this because they make up society and the economy. They often have ideas for improving the balance between prosperity and wellbeing and between prosperity and the climate. And they have a vested interest in attaining this equilibrium.

Economic development

Rabobank and many of its clients know from experience that sustainable development and economic development are closely interconnected. A concrete example: People who invest in energy conservation both save costs and help protect the climate. Sustainable energy production is another excellent illustration. It demands investment, but also generates financial returns in the longer term and helps conserve natural resources. And businesses in food and agri and other sectors that look at raw materials, production methods and recycling from a fresh angle can both achieve new earning models and help conserve raw materials and natural resources.

Strengthening clients and their environment

What is Rabobank’s role? To support its clients to achieve sustainable development by providing financial solutions, insights, knowledge and access to networks. And the bank has been doing just that since the end of the nineteenth century. Sustainability is good for people, businesses and communities. So it’s also good for Rabobank. We also support industry wide initiatives like the Spitsbergen Ambition that brings together the various initiatives of the Dutch financial sector with regard to addressing climate change.

Sustainability spearheads to 2020

Rabobank is a broad financial services provider for retail and business clients in the Netherlands and is the leading food and agri bank worldwide. Rabobank’s spearheads for sustainable development to 2020 ensue from this position:

  • Supporting retail and business clients to achieve greater sustainability. We give our retail clients clarity as to the sustainability impact of savings and investments. They also have the opportunity to save or invest for a specific sustainable and socially responsible purpose. We also help retail clients to make their homes more sustainable. Business clients receive support to help them make their enterprises more sustainable step by step. We bring their sustainability performance into focus and connect clients so that they can increase their business success together. Frontrunners in sustainability are also given precedence with respect to financing.
  • Accelerating the sustainable development of agriculture and the food supply. Rabobank acts on its commitment to help make food and agri chains more sustainable worldwide by, for example, actively taking part in seven sustainability roundtables regarding food and agri chains. Our clients are encouraged to integrate the results of these roundtables into their business operations. We participate with innovative clients and social partners in ambitious sustainability projects that serve as an inspiration for others.
  • Strengthening local communities. We play an active role in the communities of which we are a part by connecting people and sharing knowledge. The emphasis in the Netherlands is on sustainability, economic vitality and ensuring quality in healthcare and housing. The focus in developing countries is on establishing and professionalising farming organisations and access to local financial infrastructures for everyone.


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