Rabobank is a bank that is run for clients. Established in the Netherlands, we have grown to become an international financial services provider, active in the area of banking, capital management, leasing, insurance and real estate. We are a cooperative bank with agricultural roots. We know the agricultural sector like no other. Moreover, it is our ambition to be the global leading food and agri bank.

In society

Rabobank contributes to the long-term growth of individuals, sectors and society as a whole. We stimulate vitality through financial services at both a local level and globally.

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We do not have immediate answers for several ethical dilemmas. For this reason, we have established a special committee for this purpose.

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What we stand for

Kickstart Food

Through our three-year programme Kickstart Food, we use our knowledge, networks and financial solutions to support our clients and partners working to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the food and agricultural sector.

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We work for our clients. We connect people and share knowledge. That is the strength of a cooperative.

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We want to realise a positive, social impact together with our clients. We focus on the global food security and empowering communities.

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Rabo Foundation

Achieving more together. That is the strength of a cooperative. It is also the idea behind Rabobank Foundation, the social fund of Rabobank. Empowering people to be self-reliant is our main goal.

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Rabo Partnerships

Our mission is to increase access to financial services in developing countries and emerging markets. Reaching the unbanked, to improve their opportunity for welfare and growth.

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