Who we are

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. We are dedicated to working together with customers, members, and partners to creating a more resilient living environment and tackling the big social challenges of the day. The basic premise is that we can achieve more together than alone.

We first started as a cooperative searching for solutions that benefited everyone. The world is a different place now and our customers have different needs than people back then. But our mentality has not changed a bit: we are always on the look-out for ways to make the world we share a better place.

We have members instead of shareholders. Every year we choose to invest part of our annual profit in society. And it’s up to our members how to allocate this “cooperative dividend”. The chief recipients are local projects which benefit the community. We also work with Rabo Foundation to help vulnerable groups of people achieve greater self-reliance. 

Our focus is on customers in the global food and agri sector and in the Netherlands, on F&A, retail, and private banking customers.

Rabobank Group also includes BPD, our real estate subsidiary specialized in housing solutions, and the subsidiary DLL, which meets our clients’ leasing needs.

We put our mission “Growing a Better World Together,” into practice through local initiatives, close to home. Close contact with our customers and our members motivates us to keep looking for solutions that benefit everyone. It’s how we contribute to the well-being and prosperity of people in the communities we work in and how we can help feed the world sustainably. We want to achieve this by using our network to connect a wide variety of people and by sharing our knowledge and financial resources. We focus on four themes: sustainable food production, financial health for everyone, sustainable growth for enterpreneurs, and sustainable housing for everyone. We do this with 43,822 employees in 40 countries.

What We Want to Achieve

Financial Health for Everyone

Having your finances under control – these days, it’s something that our society expects of everyone. We do our best to help our customers be financially self-reliant. How? By giving them insight, helping them to see the big picture, and encouraging them to save for later. As a cooperative bank we are especially eager to help people who are struggling to manage alone. For example, even though many senior citizens can live independently for longer, not all of them are confident when it comes to banking online. Young people can use some extra support, too, so they do not end up in debt. More than 1.4 million households in the Netherlands have payment problems. We want to help these people by ensuring that they can enjoy good financial health.

Sustainable Growth for Enterpreneurs

Entrepreneurship is what drives our rapidly changing economy. Entrepreneurs are under constant pressure to innovate and become ever more sustainable. Technological innovations, new competitors, the energy transition, the food transition, the shift to circular enterprise: each poses a threat and presents amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of cooperation here at Rabobank. Our interests are not financial alone, we are also keen to share our knowledge and networks. We connect entrepreneurs with each other so that together, they can develop smarter innovations and become more sustainable. Our cooperative mentality drives us to seek out solutions that are good for everyone. So that entrepreneurs can grow sustainably.

Sustainable Housing for Everyone

The transition to clean energy in the Dutch housing market is a massive social challenge. As a bank dedicated to society and the largest mortgage lender in the Netherlands, we want to contribute as much as we possibly can to advancing sustainability. And we want to do that while paying close attention to what’s really important to our customers. We are dedicated to increasing possibilities for people to make their homes sustainable.

We can do that in different ways, for example, by expanding our offering of financing solutions, which includes the Rabo Green Mortgage, the Rabo Green Escrow Account, sustainability discounts, the free GreenHome House Scan, and sustainability loans that save customers a trip to the notary. At the same time, we invest in cooperative solutions. We cooperate with other organizations on accelerating the energy transition and have co-founded the Dutch National Energy Fund, which is mainly for homeowners’ associations, housing corporations, and the “school roof revolution,” a project that will put solar panels on empty school-building roofs in the Netherlands.

Sustainable Food Production

By 2050 there will likely be almost 10 billion mouths to feed. People are also living longer. They all need enough healthy food to eat. The food issue affects everyone. So we all need to work together to find solutions. The solutions we find cannot stop at national borders, at the farm gate, or the supermarket entrance. We need an approach that works worldwide in every food chain, so that agricultural entrepreneurs can grow more produce with fewer resources and so consumers learn to make more thoughtful choices about what they eat every day. Our efforts today are aimed at making the world a better place for future generations. With this goal in mind, we offer financial products to our customers who produce, transport, and sell food, but we also share with them our knowledge and networks. By connecting them with interesting parties they could cooperate with, we encourage the entire food chain to always work on innovation and becoming more sustainable.

Rabobank at a glance

Rabobank at a glance

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